Monday, March 28, 2005

Do I really need one of these??????

PSP-Vault is an interesting site about the inner-workings of the PSP. There is definitely some interesting stuff on there. I keep telling myself that I don't need one of these things because I already have a Tapwave Zodiac. I'll have to keep an eye on this site to see if anyone can find out a reason for me to pick one up.

Sony PSP

Tapwave Zodiac

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Anonymous said...

Personally, since I do not have a Tapwave myself or any other device to play mp3s and movies on the go and I am a gamer, I chose the PSP. Its not for everyone, that is for sure, I just like the convenience of aving all of these things in one package. I can play a game when I am bored or watch a movie to pass time, view and showoff some pictures I might have stored in my card, listen to mp3s, connect wirelessly to a wifi connection when on the go and be able to read the news, email on the go, and read up on some emagazines for the PSP or have an online battle with someone else. I am happy with it but to really answer your question you really got to look at your situation: if you can get all of this out the Tapwave and don't want to spend anymore money, then don't; however, I had asked myself the same question since I do have a Palm Pilot (even though my Palm can do some of the things mentioned like the mp3s or even the movies, the quality and comparison stops there, it is that much better on the PSP) and I still got a PSP regardless, even after considering an IPod as well. So, as I stated, it is more whether you want all of what i mentioned out of a portable device that can drive your decision.