Thursday, May 08, 2008

Killer Thrid Quarter

This link below tells the tale of the how the 3rd quarter has looked for the Spurs in these first two games in this series against the Hornets. You can see how the game opens up and the Hornet shooters start to get open shots.

This trend needs to change if the Spurs want to pull themselves back into this series.

PopcornMachine's BoxScore - SAS @ NOR

Monday, May 05, 2008

Who would have thought??

Who would have thought that Ronnie Brewer and Melo had more slam dunks this season in the NBA than LeBron?


How to Declare for the NBA Draft

This is a funny article about a kid with no basketball talent declared for the NBA Draft as an early entry. Good Stuff!!


Saturday, May 03, 2008

Bruce Bowen - a maniac, psycho

I love this video. It has a nice mix of all of Bruce Bowen's questionable plays. Is he dirty? I'm a life long Spurs fan and I even think so. To be a good defender for so long and play in 500 straight NBA games, you have to have a little nastiness in you. He never would have made it in the L without it. I just wish more players played with his passion. He's in there playing mind games with the best offensive players in the league. V. Carter and Ray Allen haven't had a good game against the Spurs ever since they got caught up in Bowen's mind games. Some of the best names in the game play mind games to get an advantage. If it works the game is already over before tip-off.