Monday, September 08, 2003

New Football Team

Well my work football team from a year ago has been disbanded. We were not given enough notice to get all of the paperwork in on time. So I officially became a free agent. At first I wasn't going to play this year since the team got disbanded, but I found out that one of my teammates joined the same team that had been asking me to join them for the past two weeks. This new team is pretty good and have been playing together for more than 10 years. So in a way we are the rookies and we have to earn their respect. It should be interesting though, they have a pretty good team from what I could remember from last year. The captain told me that they had been to the past 4 championship games, but hadn't won it yet. I guess this is why he went after a few of my teammates pretty hard for the past two weeks. I guess he feels that we can put him over the top this year. Who knows. All I do know is that at least this year I will not have to play both ways. They have almost 20 people on that team, so they constantly switch in subs. Going both ways last year was murder. ;-) Anyways it should still be fun.

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