Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Home brew TIVO box

For those that don't know, TIVO is an electronic personal video recorder (PVR). The problem is that you can buy a TIVO at Best Buy or whatever for about $300, which isn't too bad. It gives all the power of a VCR without having to keep up with video cassettes or tapes. All of the recordings are stored digitally on the PC. They can later be transferred to recordable DVD's if you wanted to conserve some storage space on your PC.
The problem is that TIVO also charges a subscription fee for it's services that include obtaining programming information online periodically. There are certain projects alive out on the Internet that give instruction for creating your own version of this PVR w/o any subscription fees. My favorite has been MythTV.. I just started purchasing all of the necessary pieces to build this box, so hopefully I will keep the site updated and give notices of my progression. I'll also try to leave some further details of the MythTV box on the site as I iron out the details. Later!!!!!!!!!!

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