Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I love him to death....But

Reports say that the Spurs are looking to give Ginobili a 3-year contract worth 40 million.  The price is not what I have an issue with, it's the years.  3 years is way too long to give a 32 year old wing player who has a history of injuries slowing him down.

Please don't be drawn in from his recent spectacular play.  He'll burn you

By the time the 2012-2013 season comes around, little Georgie Hill will be the only Spurs still around.  Duncan's contract will be up and he'll probably retire.....Tony Parker is aging before our eyes and could be traded before his contract is up in the 2010-2011 season...Even overpriced Richard Jefferson will be gone by then.

3-years no way.....2-years maybe.

This is setting the stage of the Spurs franchise to be bad for a very long time once the Duncan-era is over.

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