Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hottest New NBA Stat Website

Something I ran in to a few days while slacking off at work was a website It gives an interesting perspective of NBA statistics. It has a good representation of runs, player impact, along with familiar stats.

Take a look at the stat sheet from the Bulls game I went to last night:
Apr. 24 - Bulls vs. Heat

You get a good look of how the gameflow went. Chicago led throughout most of the game, but Miami put in a good few runs to cut into the lead. U can also tell that it was mostly D. Wade that cut into most of the leads. But with two huge runs in the second half of the game sealed the 'V' for the Bulls.

You get alot more information from this website than you can a regular box score.

The NJ/Toronto game wasn't even on TV, but I was able to take a look at the gameflow on this website and get a good idea of what the game would have looked like. A whole lot of Chris Bosh.

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