Thursday, July 14, 2005

Softball - Week #10

Well we are starting to pick the "O" back up. We had a nice little 24-5 win over a decent team. It just seems like our offense is up and down all year and you can tell by looking at our season. We haven't had a winning or losing streak sinse the month of May.

I'm still a little disappointed in my numbers because I tend to pop the ball up too often. I lead the team in "reached on error" plays. But overall my numbers are starting to pick back up. And besides my boy Jeff that is new to the team has been picking up the slack. And now that I bat behind him in the cleanup spot, he takes a few of my RBI's since our 1 and 2 guys have OBP's around .700. It's all good though, I just need to adjust my game and get on base to let someone else hit me in.

Here are a look at our team stats

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Anonymous said...

Keep back in your stance and swing your bat level, it should help on those pop ups.

Pop ups suck, just being real.