Wednesday, May 18, 2005

New PS3 - March 2006

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This is a pic of the new PS3. Below are some of the specs:

- 1 CELL running at 4 GHZ, providing 256 GFLOPS power (1 PPE, L1 cache 32 KB, L2 cache 512 KB, and 8 SPE each one having 256 KB).
- There is 2 I/O (input/output) on CELL, to communicate with other parts of the console, the first I/O of the CELL has the main purpose to communicate with the unified shared (between the CELL and the GPU) XDR Ram memory (from RAMBUS) at a 50 GB/s bandwidth (4 * 64 MB = 256 MB of memory)
- The second I/O is called FlexIO (flexible input/output) and this allow the CELL to communicate with the next generation NVIDIA GPU at a 76.8 GB/s bandwidth (this GPU with 190 million transistors will run at a 600 MHZ, with a 32 rendering pipelines, associated with 16 MB of Toshiba Embedded DRAM of 256 GB/s bandwidth). The CELL will help the GPU in creating advanced physics for particle effects.
- Retro compatibility with PS1 (emulated by the CELL) and PS2 (emulated by the CELL)
A Hard Disk of 160 GB, Ethernet port (no modem this time), wireless, USB2 port, and a flash stick memory duo-pro support.
- The controllers will not so much differ from those of PS2, with the main difference that they will be WIRELESS, and with better analog buttons and more varied vibration effects.
- If the first CELL IBM produced prototypes are using 90 nanometer technology, the first SDKs containing the CELL that developers will receive after 2 months will be produced with this technology, but the CELLs that will be used on PS3 (and later SDKs) will be produced with the 65 nanometer technology, allowing sony to decrease the costs of PS3, and to tackle the problems of HEAT.

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