Thursday, July 15, 2004

SMS messaging

Believe it or not, after having a Sprint PCS phone for nearly 6 years I just figured out how to send SMS messages to it. The whole time I was convinced that my account was the correct address, but that is just a webmail account setup. I was sure that the webmail account and SMS/text messaging were connected and that it was simply broken. It turns out that I was wrong and the correct address is The funny thing is that I found this out while on Southwest Airlines website while setting up flight status notifications. They have the address of all major providers on this site. And I couldn't find this same info on the Sprint PCS website anywhere. Go figure!!!

Well nothing much for me, just putting the finishing touches on my travel plans to Kentucky to see the Mike Tyson fight at the end of the month. It should be tight. I'll be sure to bring back plenty of photos and post them on the site.


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