Friday, June 18, 2004

Lakers Lose

Well it's always a good day when you see the Lakers lose the chance at winning another championship. This article shows how over the entire NBA Finals history the Lakers have appeared in almost half of them (48%). That percentage is more than any franchise in any US professional sport, including the Yankees World Series appearences (only 40%).

After all, I am born and raised in San Antonio and a huge Spurs fan. They've been our natural born rival for many years. Even back in the George Gervin era, so I was born to hate the Lakers.

But I think something that satisfies me even more is to know that Joe Dumars, the Detroit Pistons GM, has become the first black GM to win an NBA championship. It's pretty hard to believe with the high percentage of blacks involved with the league, but it's true. But I guess this is still America though.

And just last year Robert Johnson became the first black owner of an NBA franchise, the new Charlotte Bobcats. I guess he was so proud of himself that he named the team after himself ("Bob").

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