Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Well it's just been too long since my last blog. I still haven't updated the website with my new photos yet. I've been slacking. Maybe because I woke up today and the temperature outside was -3 degrees. And I'm not talking about Celcius either.

Anyways, at least I completed my TIVO PC the week I got back from Christmas. It's cool. I already have a few recordings that I have. The next step is to purchase a DVD recorder so I can start archiving some movies and Spurs games. I also want to get some of the other modules working as well. There's a music jukebox, video player, web server (program recordings on the web), game emulator (to play old SNES and NES games), weather monitor, news feed, and image viewer. I'll get to it eventually I guess. Just like the photo updates. ;-)

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