Wednesday, October 01, 2003

New IP phone service

Since I have had so many problems with the local phone companies in the area (AT&T, Comcast, SBC) I haven't had any local phone service in a while. No monthly plans really fit my needs. I really don't use the home phone that much since I have had a cell phone for a while now that includes long distance and unlimited nights and weeekend minutes. But I still felt the need to have one, especially since I can remember during certain times my home phone was all I had while going through 9/11 in NYC. But really I occasionally use it if my cell phone battery was dead and also if I needed to send a fax from by computer.

Just recently I discovered Vonage.

Basically they provide me with a AD converter to turn any of my cheap analog phones into an IP phone. The negetive is that my phone will go out during any Internet or power outages. The positive is that I get unlimited long distance calls anywhere in the US and Canada. I also get free CallID, voicemail, Call forwarding, ........etc. I can even recieve a email whenever I get a new voicemail and can even listen to the message over the Internet while I am at work or whatever, from any computer online. It's cool because it is also transportable. I can take my AD converter to any broadband connection and can make and recieve calls at any time with any plain, cheap analog phone. It's bananas. And this is all for only about $25/month. I'm looking forward to the installation. I should be recieving the shipment in the next few days. I'll be sure to keep the site posted. Peace.

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