Tuesday, August 05, 2003

It's been a long time........

Well it's been a minute since I had an entry on my weblog, so I was sittin' at work thinking what the heck. I might as well put something down.

Not alot has been going on since my last entry. I have a few more photos to add to the site from a couple of parties that I have been too in the past couple of weeks. I need to mess around with the formatting of a few photos to add of myself and a few old digitized photos that I have from school (Columbia and Morehouse).

I guess one thing that is missing from the site is "ME". Since the domain is JohnWesleyThomas, I guess it would make sense to add something about myself. I might add a few photos along with my resume or something. It kind of bothers me a little bit to put stuff on the site about me because I don't want to come off being a vain person, but I guess it's a must that I put up a few things. Otherwise the site lacks personality or maybe it should be called www.johnwesleythomas' :-) All well, so I guess it's decided. More stuff about me to follow.

I have a softball game today, so hopefully we won't get a usual outcome of a big "L". We probably will though since we are playing the first place team in our division. We play hard every game and everyone on the team trys their best, but we just cannot get a victory to save out lives. We are 2-10 now and one of those victories was a forfeit. It's a sad situation, but at least we are laughing and having fun right. Or is that just what losers say. I don't know. I definitely need to add a few photos of the team on the site, as well as some of our stats. I have something like 14 home runs, which is like twice what I had the whole season last year. I don't know what's going on, maybe I'm letting my losing frustrations out on the ball. If so, I'll try to continue it today. Later.

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